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Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Email, SMS And Orkut Scrap Alerts On Your Mobile Instantly for FREE !!!

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Yes friends this is true now you can get Free Email, SMS And Orkut Scrap Alerts On Your Mobile Instantly ...
I Jumped across the WWW( what where why : ) to find an answer on "how to get my email alerts on my mobile" .Then after a lot of search and hard work finally I landed to WAY2SMS.COM which was fully loaded with many services Like We can send free sms to any mobile all over India and Not only this we can also get email alerts on mobile as SMS for every mail which arrives in its mailbox and the best part is these services are totally FREE !!

Services Provided By Way2sms :

SMS [ Speed Message Service] : Way2sms is a sms gateway provider which allows to send free sms across India,the sms are of 140 characters and consists of a 20 character advertisement through which the website covers its costs.

Open other Mails : Way2sms also allows to associate Gmail, Yahoo accounts.We can check and compose mails in of the mailbox

Chatting with your friends : You can chat with Yahoo Or Google Friends in same window.

And many more services you will find there ......

lets learn how we can use to get free email alerts on mobile =)

Step 1

First register at www.way2sms.com and login into the site.

Now click on Mail tab and create a new way2sms email ID.

After you have created it,login into your Gmail account/Yahoo account or in short Email account :P

Gmail Users

All you have to do is Just link your Gmail account with your Way2SMS account. Here is the way -
  • Logon to your Gmail account
  • click on settings & then click on ‘FORWARDING/POP/IMAP option
  • Select “ Forward a copy of incoming mail to “ option & Enter your Way2SMS Email ID there which you just created

  • Check second radio button
  • Click On Save
  • Finished. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your Gmail id.

Yahoo Users

You only have to link your yahoo.co.in account with your Way2sms account,here is how you can do that -
  • Logon to your Yahoo mail account
  • click on Options & then click on “Mail Options
  • Select “ POP&Forwarding “ option & then Click on 'Setup or Edit POP & Forwarding' link.
  • Choose ' Forwarding ' option & Enter your Way2SMS Mail ID

  • Click On Save. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your YAHOO.CO.IN Account.
Now go to way2sms.com And active Mobile alerts

Fist login your account .Then click Mail Alerts on right top corner

Now select your setting And Click Save !

Its done from now Your mail From Gmail/Yahoo will be forward to way2sms mailbox from this you will get sms alert on your specified mobile number.

Any Other Email Users

All you have to do is Just forward a copy of your mail to your Way2SMS Mail Id…and you will get free email alerts on your mobile.
The only downside of using this service is that you have to reactivate it every 7 days but that's okay as it only takes the click of a button :P

One More Important Information About Reactivating This Service:

Guys this service automatically Gets deactivated after every 14 days .But don't worry Activating this service is very simple.

Just login your account of Way2sms.com .Then click on "Mail Alert" link on page.After That Click on Renew In Front of your Mobile Number And Then Click on Activate.Its Done !

I have been enjoying this service and just want to say that its awesome. You can send sms,create groups,send group sms,get email alerts on your mobile on the go..what else do you want? Why wait,just go ahead and get going ..
Keep learning friends


Good luck .

9 Responses to 'Get Email, SMS And Orkut Scrap Alerts On Your Mobile Instantly for FREE !!!'
dibu said...

good service

Inder P said...

Thanks "dibu" For your Comment :^)

srujan said...

i am getting alerts fastly but i am not getting orkut alerts on mobile but i am reaching to gmail inbox please help me chinnisrujan@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

getting only mail alerts..but not the orkut scrap alert

kamal said...

Its very nice service.

pijush said...

I donot get alert of each mail of gmail in my mobile.

rahul said...

way2sms is very good service



subi said...

good one...But How can i select prefered contacts from gmail??

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