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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now Get Mail Alerts On Mobile All Over The World For International Or Indian Users For FREE.

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Hi Indians I have already posted a best method to get your mail alerts on mobile.

Dear International / People Outside India, Now there is something for you also =)

After creating this blog i found from the world visitor map that the International Guys other than India are also Fond of any such service.

After that I started to find a service over Internet which can help every body in this world to get What we want is FREE EMAIL ALERTS ON MOBILE without any continental boundaries .

But even after a long search i didn't find any such medium.Then Ultimately after a Hardwork of 2 months and 23 days[including the experimental period] ;) .

At last the Google uncle with its powerful services Let me create a powerful set up by using which it becomes possible to get free ALERT ! all over the world to any mobile.Yuppie....

Yes Guys i did that think :)

Today Google provides us many killer services like video, picture uploading,bloging feed sharing,Spy from space at our street dog, Alerts etc....

So to achieve our goal we are going to use 3 some of these services...

Following three services Owned by Google itself :

1] Blogger.com

2] Feedburner.com

3] Google SMS channels

Update: We will not use feedburner.com anymore.

Friends the things or steps we we are going to do Must be done correctly otherwise this system will not give proper results... ^_^


In step 1 we are going to do a litte blogging .And you are going to create a your personal blog...
k Lets begin...

  • Now click on "Create a blog" Link.
  • By using your existing email ID you can create an Account
  • Then select a Title And Domain name for your Blog .
  • Click "Continue".Select Theme or Template for your Blog.
  • Congrats now you are a Blogger...
  • Click "Start Blogging".
  • Now click "Dashboard" And click on "create a blog".Yes we need two Blogs just Create Second Blog With same procedure.
  • Don't start blogging we have other useful works ;)
  • Now in "Dashboard" Click "settings" of first blog

  • Then select yes Before "Show Email Post links?" and "save settings"
  • Again Go to "Settings" then "Email & Mobile"
  • See a text box Before "Email Posting Address " Fill it with any word (which ever you want)
  • Copy the Whole email address(In this Format xxxxx.secretword@blogger.com ) and Paste For later Use preferably in Notepad (or where ever you like)
  • Select First radio button "" then click "Save settings"
  • Go to "layout" then "Page Elements" Click "Add a Gadget" In the POP up window select "HTML/Java Script"

Now paste the below Code Carefully in it

<a href="http://Secondblog.blogspot.com/">

Now Replace RED text with Link of your Second Blog Link you have created.

Click "Save" Button.

Guys Blogging section is over .

Are you thinking

What we have done ?

Now if some body visit your First blog it will immediately redirected to second Blog.We have pasted redirection script in above steps.You can try it !


  • In this step we will make a Google sms Channel
  • Go to Google SMS channels Sign in with a Google account if don't have make one Fast !
  • verify your Mobile Number.Enter the code sent on your mobile.
  • After login click on "Try now>>"
  • Now fill your name(You will see this name on top of SMS alert on your mobile)
  • give description (Just write BLAH BLAH...)
  • Select any "category " any "location"
  • Select First option Blogger and fill the name of First Blog
  • Select Who can subscribe: to "By invitation only"
  • Click "Create Channel"

Here we have completed our second step.

What we have done in second step?

This Channel will send Message Alerts! on your about new updates in your First blog.

Don't worry no one can join this Channel As we have selected "Join by invitation only" Others can join only if you send invitation to any body(i think you will not do that.other wise your Friends will also start getting your Email alerts on their mobiles :)

Step 3

Its the final step.In this we will Forward our Mails to the Blogger Email id which we Got from Blogger account(I hope you have not Lost it )

Gmail Users

All you have to do is Just link your Gmail account with your Blogger Email. Here is the way -
  • Logon to your Gmail account
  • click on settings & then click on ‘FORWARDING/POP/IMAP’ option
  • Select “ Forward a copy of incoming mail to “ option & Enter your blogger Email ID there which you just created

  • Check second radio button
  • Click On Save
  • Finished.

Yahoo Users

You only have to link your yahoo.co.in account with your Blogger Email ID ,here is how you can do that -
  • Logon to your Yahoo mail account
  • click on Options & then click on “Mail Options
  • Select “ POP&Forwarding “ option & then Click on 'Setup or Edit POP & Forwarding' link.
  • Choose ' Forwarding ' option & Enter your Blogger E Mail ID

  • Click On Save.

What we have done in this Step ?

Form now when ever you get mail in Gmail Or Ymail it will be Forwarded to Blogger get publisher on your First Blog.

After that Google Alert Will send Alert Of New Post In your Mobile.

Guys I hope you have done it Same as i explain

If you have any Query You can Definitely Contact me Via Comment...

Just Wait For Other Trick Subscribe To get alerts....

See A =)

10 Responses to 'Now Get Mail Alerts On Mobile All Over The World For International Or Indian Users For FREE.'
sapna said...

I have tried creating mail alerts both via way2sms and now via blog, correctly. I am not getting any mobile alerts.
I am tired. Kindly help me

Inder P said...

First of all i am extremely sorry to reply so late.Yes even I am also facing problem with Way2Sms.I sent mail to Way2sms Support they said "the alerts get disabled after 7 days,So renew it".But even after doing that the problem is same.Now i have sent a new mail describing my problem.Lets hope they will find a better solution for that.

Now For problem with blog.I hope you have Followed each and every step carefully...k.I want to clear here that even Google is saying that "Much of the content in this directory was developed by other companies or by Google's users, not by Google. Google makes no promises or representations about its performance, quality, or content. Google doesn't charge for inclusion in this directory or accept payment for better placement" So the system we have developed is OK but some times Google service gets down.But i think you should get 1 out 3 mail alert on your mobile.

For Indians Way2sms Service is best and instant.But i am waiting for the problem solution now.

yeah its really a long Reply na : )

gagan said...

i dont knw

Anonymous said...

i need this service

Anonymous said...

Gmail asks to verify the mail address to be forwarded.. So how to verify that blog mail id

AKI said...

There is no radio button Lay out. Then how to set alerts. Way2sms has stopped working for me as i have deleted forwarding address by mistake. Plz. Help

Anonymous said...

Hi, in google channels, there is already written 91, how can i change it?

roshang said...

where is sms alert name on sms channel

Anonymous said...

hi i want to tell u that google sms channel service is only avaliable for indian numbers...........then how you can say get mail alerts where you are and belong.............?????????????

life is very small feel it enjoy it said...

hey ,this is an nice trick and an help full one,but am unable to get verification code for my mobile from google sms channel(i tried lot of times by giving my mobile number,it is showing msg that failed to send text message...)
help me in this ...
very thank full to u...
my mail id dheerajrocks92@yahoo.com

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